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Booklet Printing Key marketing tool to promote your Products/Services detailed information of your features, manuals, instructions, annual reports etc. Full colors with pictures that capture your customers’ attention. Finishing the booklet with different types of bindery works – collate, fold, staple, glue, stitch, coil bound, wire O bound, etc Standard Material – Matt or Glossy. […]

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Brochures Printing One of your key marketing tools to promote your products/services to your customers. Providing more detailed information and features of your products/services with attractive pictures and words to create awareness and your customers attention to find out more about of your products/services. You can have the traditional standard sizes with one colour or […]

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Calendars Printing Calendar is one of the great advertizing tools as it brings memory of your company to your customers all year long. One color printing is available but with full colors printing added with photos/images will be more presentable as corporate gifts to your customers. Hanging calendars, desk calendars, pocket calendars, 3D calendars and […]

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Catalogs Printing Key marketing tool to promote your Products/Services provide detailed information of your features or promotional program or new product/service introduction, etc Make it a communicating tool to inform your customers of your company’s products/services/sales promotion effectively.   Attractive well design catalogs attract your customers to find out more about your products/services.   Finishing […]

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Envelopes Printing There are different types and sizes of envelopes. For business correspondence – Invoices, Invitation cards, Greeting cards, Receipts, Statements, Letters, Cheques, Catalogs, Brochures, Booklets, Reports, Marketing Mailings, etc. One color or full colors can be printed on front or both sides on windows or non window envelopes. Die-cutting shapes are available to create […]

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Flyers Printing Flyers are one of the most economical marketing tools to reach your target audience. Feature your products/services/events/promotions/new product launches create awareness to increase your sales revenues. Single or double side folded with single colors or multi colors printing with or without images on matt or glossy materials. Can be design and customized to […]

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Greeting & Invitation Cards

It is a way to have a personal touch with your customers and business related partners. Greeting cards can be used as “Thank You”, “Thinking of you”, etc cards to customers. Invitation cards can be used as Grand Opening, Special Event, New Product Launches Event, Conferences, Shows, Exhibitions, Talks, Workshops, etc. Single color or full […]

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Invoices & Receipts & Orders

Invoice/Receipts/Orders Printing Standard material or most commonly used Carbonless Form usually known as NCR Paper which does not required carbon paper on multiple copies required by different party depending on your requirements. NCR papers widely used in invoices, receipts, applications, job orders, contracts and purchase orders. One color or full colors printing with alpha numeric […]

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Large Format Print

Large Format Printing Big is better it easily attracts attention a key marketing tools sending messages to your customers or prospects can be used in trade shows, conferences, exhibitions and special events. Banners or posters with high quality of colors and durable materials on large format print. Can be customized to meet your specific requirements […]

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Letterhead Printing Letterhead is an official communication material to all parties (customers, vendors, employees, etc) hence it is important to have a professional printing as it representing the company’s image and brand. Single color or full colors printing on one side. Optional UV Coating – With shiny finish beautify it with fabulous look Special Ink, […]

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Name Cards

Name Cards /Business Cards Printing Name cards also known as business cards its represent your company’s – products/services/brands and representatives to your prospects, customers, and business related partners like bankers, vendors, etc. It is important to have professional printing. Standard style with one or multiply colors printing. Optional Design and customized to meet your specific […]

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Folders Printing Business Folders can help to compliment your sales and marketing products/services collaterals. It can be done with both sides printing leaving the inside blank or with printing. Folders with pockets can slot mini DVD and or with business cards – make it easy available for your customers to contact your sales representatives. Standard […]

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Vouchers and Tickets

Vouchers/Tickets Printing One of your key marketing tools to promote your products/services to your customers most importantly your company can gather customers’ data as you can request them to provide name, contact number and email address. These data can be used for your future marketing programs. One color or full colors printing with alpha numeric […]

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Paper Bags

Paper Bags One of the marketing tools to promote your products or services and attract your customers attention and compliment with your sales and marketing collateral. Standard Material – Matt or Glossy lamination. Fancy/premium/recycling materials is also available Optional UV Coating – With shiny finish beautify it with fabulous look   Try us out today